Real estate salesperson course

What to Know Before Beginning the 75-Hour Salesperson Course

Looking to become a real estate agent but unsure about your next steps? Here’s everything you should know before beginning the 75-hour real estate salesperson course.

Before Your 75-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Course

There’s lots you can be doing before your 75-hour real estate salesperson course begins. This course isn’t just about preparing you to take an exam – it’s about preparing you for a career, and you can start that preparation at any time.

Here are some things you should look at before starting your NYS real estate salesperson course.

Learn About the Industry 

Real estate can bring you a lifetime of enjoyment, fulfillment, and success. However, not everyone loves it. 

Before you take tangible steps towards a career in real estate, do a little research. Speak to people you might know who work in the industry, look up information online, and think about what you want in life:

  • What excites you about working in real estate?
  • What kind of work-life balance are you looking for?
  • How much do you need to learn to live the style of life you want?

Check out some of these most commonly asked questions from people who are thinking about taking the real estate salesperson license, and find out how real estate might fit into your plans. 

Find the Best Real Estate Salesperson Course 

You want to give yourself the best possible chance of passing the real estate exam, so it’s important you choose the right course. 

The 75-hour salesperson course is a requirement, but they’re not all created the same. Different providers offer different perks, and you need to find the one that works best for you. This generally breaks down into three considerations:

  • Quality of the materials
  • Convenience 
  • Price 

Online real estate salesperson courses have become very popular because they still offer top-quality teaching and great value, but they’ve also got that extra level of convenience. The Summit RET 75 Hour intro package allows you to get started with your studies for free and is the perfect way to prepare for the real estate exam.

During Your 75-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Course

Once you’ve decided real estate is the right career path and you’ve chosen a course provider, then it’s time to get started with the hard work. The real estate exam isn’t easy to pass (pass rates are around 50%), so you’ve got to make sure you’re maximizing your learning and getting the most out of the materials. 

Tips for Studying for the Real Estate Exam

When you’re taking your 75-hour salesperson course, you’re making an investment in your career. To get the most out of that investment, you need to manage your time well and have a clear study plan.

real estate salesperson course - study plan

Everybody leads busy lives, so you’ve got to make sure you set aside time each day to study and keep to the schedule. We find that the 75-hour salesperson course gives people an excellent basis to pass the exam, but little extras like one-on-one tutoring offered as part of our “Summit Package” can make all the difference. 

If you’re finding things tough, then remember why you started in the first place, and never be afraid to reach out for help. Your course provider is there to help you get the most out of the classes, so communicate your problems. 

Don’t Focus Solely on the Exam

One of the primary reasons for the real estate salesperson course is to prepare people to take the real estate exam. This isn’t the only reason though – it’s also about preparing you for your career. 

These courses are there to make sure knowledgeable people with the right skills are coming into the industry. This helps new real estate agents, but it’s also there to protect the public. 

Passing the real estate exam is obviously important, but you don’t want to be learning this information just to regurgitate it on a test. Be an active learner and take this knowledge into your career — the more you interact with the content, the better it will stick and help you throughout your career.

After Your 75-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Course 

The 75-hour real estate salesperson course is just one step in your journey towards becoming a real estate agent, albeit a very important one. So what steps do you need to take once you’ve completed the course?

Register for the Real Estate Exam 

Once you’ve finished your course, the only thing standing between you and your real estate license is the exam. You can take the exam multiple times (up to three times in a calendar year in many states), but it still pays to take your time and make sure you’re ready before registering. 

One of the best things you can do is take some practice exams before you sit the test for real. You might have all the knowledge you need, but it’s still helpful to see how the questions are phrased and the kinds of things to look out for. 

What’s Next?

It’s never too early to start planning your career. You may have set yourself some initial goals for your 75-hour salesperson course and real estate exam, but now’s a great time to reevaluate those goals and decide on the next steps for your career. 

Once you’ve got your license, you will then look to join a real estate brokerage where you’ll begin your career and start your on-the-job training. 


Registering for your 75-hour real estate salesperson course is an exciting step, but it’s natural to have plenty of questions about the whole process. 

If you’re thinking of becoming a real estate agent, then now is an ideal time to start researching your career and finding the right salesperson course. Once you’ve completed the learning materials, you’re eligible to take the real estate exam and get your license. 

Get started as a real estate salesperson today with our 75-hour course!