Studying for real estate salesperson course

7 Ways to Study for Your 75-Hour Salesperson Exam

Looking for ways to study for your real estate exam? Desperate to pass and willing to give it all you’ve got?

We’ve got the perfect tips to help you study for the real estate salesperson course and ace the test. All it takes is commitment, multi-type learning, and some eagerness to get started!

75-Hour Pre-Licensing Course

The biggest part of studying for the real estate exam is perfecting the 75-hour pre-licensing course. This is a required course for anyone who wishes to take the real estate exam, and it’s designed to give you everything you need to become a real estate agent. 

The real estate salesperson course is split into 20 chapters to help give you a complete overview of the industry and also prepare you to take the real estate exam. 

  • License Law and Regulations
  • Law of Agency 
  • Legal Issues
  • Legal Issues (continued)
  • The Contract of Sales and Leases
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Mortgage Brokerage
  • Real Estate Mathematics
  • Land Use Regulations
  • Municipal Agencies 
  • Construction and Environmental Issues
  • Valuation Process and Pricing Properties
  • Human Rights and Fair Housing
  • Property Insurance
  • Taxes and Assessments
  • Condominiums and Cooperatives
  • Commercial and Investment Real Estate
  • Income Tax Issues in Real Estate Transactions
  • Property Management
  • Licensee Safety 

These lessons allow students to learn more about the key elements of real estate and will cover everything on the real estate exam.


The real estate exam is a complete assessment of your knowledge and it does require plenty of study time. Your 75-hour real estate salesperson course is designed to give you all the information you need, but it’s a fairly long, intensive course. 

For most people, studying for the real estate salesperson course will involve extra activities on top of completing the curriculum. This will allow you to maintain the information better, understand the concepts in more detail, and perform better on the exam. 

A popular option many people choose is extra tutoring. This option gives you the one-on-one time needed to help make sure you’re on top of all the concepts, and it’s included in our Summit Package.

Active Learning 

Studying for the real estate salesperson course might be a requirement to succeed, but it’s also very beneficial for your long-term knowledge of the industry. The lessons you learn will not only help you with your real estate exam prep but will be a huge part in helping you kickstart your career.

woman studying for real estate salesperson course

A great way to speed up your learning time is by being invested in the course and actively learning about the industry

Everything is easier when you do it with passion, so really jump into the course and make it a big part of your day-to-day life. The more time you spend contemplating the things you’ve learned and relating them back to day-to-day life, the easier it will be to retain the information. 


Flashcards are something of a timeless classic. They’re a great tool to help you with your real estate exam prep. 

While you’ve got to put the time into understanding the key concepts, flashcards are a quick, easy way to help you remember key information – they can even be fun! They allow you to test yourself and your knowledge, which is very helpful in the run-up to the exam. 

Everyone has their own learning methods, but most people find flashcards work well. Take your time when writing out the cards as this is part of the process as well, and then test yourself regularly to identify areas of weakness. 

In a world of never-ending technological innovations, this probably isn’t the most exciting tip, but it’s still a good one. It’s a quick and simple way to test your knowledge, identify areas where you need to improve, and refresh your memory. 

Practice Exams

When studying your real estate salesperson course, it’s important that you take a practice exam (or even multiple). 

It’s a bit like a cross-country runner learning the course they’re going to run. They can be a great runner, but if they don’t know how long the course is, and other details, then it’s hard to plan out how they’re going to run the race. 

Exams are very similar in that you need to know what you’re up against.

studying for real estate salesperson course - practice exam

When you take a practice exam, you learn about the different formats that are used to ask questions, the time restrictions you need to adhere to, and ways the questions might try to catch you out. 

These are all insights that are going to help you pick up extra marks and maximize your performance. Being well prepared can make all the difference which is why we offer a practice exam as part of the Summit Package.

Exam Requirements

Taking an exam can be a nerve-wracking experience. One thing you can do to help ease those nerves is to make sure you’ve got everything prepared ahead of time. 

If your exam is in person, then find out where the exam center is and plan your route. Get all the required ID documents ready and take the time to understand the exam process. Your practice exam will have prepared you for elements of this, but the process might be slightly different on the day. Arriving early and bringing your flashcards with you will give you extra cram-time, without fear of running late – though it’s also important to reclaim some mental space before you enter your exam. Breathe!

All your studying for the real estate salesperson course should put you in a great position to pass the real estate exam, but it’s worth taking care of the little extras to make sure you’re 100% ready. 

Continued Education 

Remember that passing the real estate exam is just part of your learning. 

As you embark on your real estate career, you’ll continue to learn on the job and through continuing education courses. These are required by the state you work in, so it’s something that will be a regular part of your job. 

The materials you learn in your real estate salesperson course will provide you with the basis for this continued learning, so it’s important not to forget what you’ve learned as soon as you walk out of the exam room. 

With your Summit Package, you’ll also get unlimited continuing education courses for the first two years, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. 

Studying for Your Real Estate Salesperson Course

The real estate salesperson course and the real estate exam that follows are your routes into a career in real estate. While the course will provide you with all the information you need to pass the exam, it’s important that you take other steps as well. 

There’s a lot of information to remember, which is why it’s important you have your own strategy for passing the real estate exam. These tips and the right course package should help.

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