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Our Teachers

A Team We are Proud Of

At Summit Real Estate, we are dedicated to helping new and experienced real estate professionals achieve more in their careers. And to make this happen, we rely heavily on our team—our teachers.

Our teachers are the driving force behind the comprehensive range of top-caliber, updated, and industry-driven online real estate courses that we offer. Each course offered is designed carefully to serve the real estate community’s needs in New York while in conformance with the law. At Summit Real estate, we build on the strength of our faculty’s real estate experience and expertise.

The ongoing collaboration and teamwork between industry professionals who work as a part of our faculty helps create a state-of-the-art curriculum that ingeniously blends theory with practice. And this benefits the participants of our programs greatly. No matter what online real estate course you enroll in with Summit Real Estate, you will gain the professional information, skills, and knowledge needed to pass the state exam and get licensed upon completing the course.

When we were creating our initial coursework for our real estate licensing platform, it was clear that involvement with experienced and certified professional real estate instructors would be critical to the platform and students’ long-term success. Thus, we made sure that our experts were all state-certified instructors.

We take pride in stating that our teachers have real-world experience and knowledge and are now ready to share it all with our course participants, helping them conquer new milestones and success levels in the world of real estate. Our goal is to have the best faculty on board to teach our course participants. We also have an NYU and Harvard professor among our staff.

Our Faculty Works in Synergy Towards The Same Mission: Your Success.

We design course programs after gaining insights from different teachers and their value-adding experience. When designing the course, we make sure to keep the highest industry standards, current changes in the market, and long-term impacts on students in consideration.
At Summit Real Estate, our teachers focus on creating interactive modules, video instructions, progress checks, and providing relevant support because we want you to learn, grow, and achieve success in real estate.

View our faculty members below.

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