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Like all other sectors, the real estate industry also needs to adapt itself to the market trends and more importantly the changes in laws and regulations, if any. Keeping that in mind, students hoping to make a career in the sector must stay on top of the latest knowledge, trends, and happenings.

To help students succeed in this demanding yet dynamic sector, Summit RET offers comprehensive NYS real estate license courses that include the most up-to-date content that reflects all changes in the industry, such as, the latest trends along with the state and local government regulations. Each of our courses is designed to provide students with the extensive knowledge they need to procure the New York real estate license. However our learning solutions are not limited to theoretical learning.

In the real estate sector which is based on building networks, trustworthy interpersonal relationships, and meaningful connections, our content is practical-oriented and based on real-life scenarios typically occurring in the industry.



Our courses are tailored to give you real value for your money’s worth to get you where you want to be without breaking the bank. View the courses to see what you will get.


Trusted Knowledge

With our NYS real estate license courses, you can bank on knowledge that can help you jumpstart your career. Taught by top real estate professionals for NY State and tailored to give you an edge, expect the most practical-based content filled with real-life experiences of our esteemed faculty.


Anytime, Anywhere

Access our online NY real estate courses anytime, anywhere. Don't let Covid prevent you from accelerating your career. Our interactive online learning solutions offer an engaging and fulfilling learning experience while catering to the demands of the changing industry trends.

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