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The Best New York Real Estate Continuing Education to Keep You Current

In-person and online real estate training is highly valuable for individuals who want to become real estate agents and those who wish to maintain their status as agents by keeping their skills fresh and up to date. Therefore, finding a real estate training company that offers pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education courses should not be taken lightly. For those agents who live in NY, our New York real estate continuing education courses provide the training and knowledge needed. 

Examples of New York Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

To maintain your New York State real estate license, continuing education classes are not only important, but some are a requirement. In fact, New York residential and commercial real estate agents must complete 22.5 hours of continuing education courses every two years, including required classes, such as those focusing on fair housing and discrimination. Here are examples of New York real estate continuing education classes:

Fair Housing

NYS real estate continuing education requirements exist for New York real estate agents to ensure that they stay informed and current to their clients. One of the required courses is on fair housing and discrimination. 

Discrimination in the housing market is an important problem to understand. It can occur when selling, renting, attempting to get a home loan, buying, and in commercial property transactions, even though both state and federal law prohibit this kind of discrimination. Discrimination in housing can be based on race, sex, age, religion, disability and familial status. 

What are examples of discrimination in housing? They include refusing to rent to black families, refusing to provide handicapped parking to those who need it, or refusing to rent to families because they have small children. Understanding what fair housing is and what it is not is essential to avoid these problems for clients. 

Credit Repair Seminar

Many people want to buy a house, but some of these people do not have good credit. Lousy credit will interfere with a person’s ability to receive a mortgage. One of the things that a real estate agent can learn, in a real estate continuing education NY physical location or online, is what it takes to repair credit and how to assist individuals with bad credit to purchase a home

Ways to fix credit to purchase a house include paying all future bills on time, working with a credit repair service, paying off the bill, or, if unable, leaving a small balance of no more than 20 to 30 percent of your credit limit, not opening any new accounts, etc. Real estate agents can pass these tips on to customers. 

Environmental Issues

Another important aspect of being a New York real estate agent is understanding the environmental issues that are a factor for agents, residential and commercial appraisers, property inspectors and home builders. No real estate agent will want to sell a home to a buyer knowing negative environmental issues exist. 

Examples of factors that can impact real estate are roots in the earth causing problems for foundations of a property, trees positioned near a property that are in danger of falling on the property, homes located in floodplains and homes in places where fires are a problem. 

Successful Listing Agent

If you are serious about getting your real estate career going and becoming successful, a NY real estate continuing education course such as “Successful Listing Agent” helps with that. Such a course would help an agent grow the proper mindset, work toward goals, set a schedule and learn how to communicate with clients. 

Introduction to Commercial RE Sales

For real estate agents who deal with residential property but who want to learn how to sell commercial real estate (CRE), or, for those who sell CRE but want to refresh some of what they should know, a NY real estate continuing education course such as Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales is one to take. This course can help a real estate agent know why selling commercial real estate is not the same as residential real estate.

Start Your New York Real Estate Continuing Education Course Today!

These are just some examples of New York real estate continuing education courses you can take as a real estate agent to keep yourself current. Summit Real Estate Training (Summit RET) offers online and in-person real estate courses for New York State. Summit RET provides experienced and knowledgeable instructors, updated knowledge about trends and the market, and well-researched and customized curriculums. Pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education courses are provided, along with scholarships to those who qualify. Sign up and purchase a course at Summit RET.