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5 Easy Real Estate Courses for New York State Realtors

Of course, there is no question about it: The real estate market has been on fire. New and active real estate agents — particularly those in a market as hot as New York State’s — need every advantage they can get on their training and that’s why it is so important that agents actively invest in their own training. As such, here are five NYS real estate license courses that real estate agents can take.

75 Hour Salesperson Course

As the name implies, this is a big one and a dream course for people who are just starting out in the real estate industry. It offers twenty chapters, complete with twenty lessons and twenty separate videos. This course is approved by the New York Secretary of State, and will thus allow individuals who are looking to obtain their real estate license to do so. As such, you can take this course in order to first qualify for your license.

Each session reviews a variety of information, including:

  • License laws and general regulations
  • Legal issues with your real estate license
  • Real estate financing
  • Municipal governments
  • Fair housing laws

Each module will take roughly 3.75 hours. Choose a basic or advanced package, to your preference, and get started in real estate through your 75 Hour Salesperson Course today.

Broker Course

If you are interested in becoming a real estate broker, this is the course for you. Its 11 chapters cover the basics of obtaining your Broker’s license and will ensure that you are well prepared to pass your broker’s test, as you will learn about:

  • Agency & license law
  • Real estate financing
  • Conveyance of property
  • Taxes and assessments

This course isn’t for everyone, as you need  at least two years of experience as a licensed real estate agent (or three years of other acceptable experience) and have earned at least 3500 points in sales or rentals during that time. There are other qualifications, but if you have met these requirements, this broker course can help ensure that you are well prepared to earn your broker’s license. 

Best of all: At 11 hours, it is one of the fastest courses that you can take.

Property & Casualty Insurance

Looking to add to your real estate expertise? Becoming a licensed Property & Casualty Insurance agent is a great way to provide additional value to your clients while also opening a new line of business. This course will prepare you for earning such a license by giving you 90 hours of world-class instruction on a variety of topics, including:

  • Insurance knowledge & contracting terms
  • Form review & preparation
  • Automobile insurance coverage
  • Property insurance coverage

Real estate agents are often ideally suited to also become licensed insurance agents, and this course can help ensure that this is the right career addition for you. Since this type of insurance is usually required for obtaining a mortgage, this can be an ideal addition to your real estate license. Learn more about our Property & Casualty Insurance course.

Life Accident & Health Course

This two-day course will help prepare you for the state exam. It is seven chapters and reviews information on regulation and licensure issues. Each chapter comes with quizzes, and participants will be guaranteed access to our highest level of resources, including textbooks, materials, and practice exams.

Insurance Continuing Education

All licensed insurance agents are required to take regular continuing education classes in order to retain their insurance license, and at Summit Real Estate Training, we offer a variety of courses that can help you not only keep your license in good standing but ensure that you learn valuable and useful information that will give you a competitive edge and make sure that you are providing real value to your clients. These courses include:

  • Insurance ethics, which will teach you about ethics issues faced by insurance agents. This course will also cover relevant and timely legal cases in order to ensure that all insurance agents are up to date about the latest legal and ethical challenges in the industry.
  • Business writing, which will help you write appropriate emails, correspondence, forms, and more.
  • Insurance fraud awareness, which is up to date with the latest information about insurance scams and how you can fight back against this industry-wide plague. 
  • Risk management, which will review the various risk challenges in our industry and ways you can write policies to reduce that risk. 

All of the above courses are licensing courses, meaning that they are specifically geared towards people who are looking to obtain or renew their real estate license. We provide continuing education for real estate professionals as well. 

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